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Emaar Business District is one of the most prestigious business parks in Dubai. It offers a wide range of services and amenities to its tenants, including an on-site gym, daycare centre, conference rooms and more. Here’s everything you need to know about working at this renowned institution:

Introduction to Emaar Business District

If you are looking for a new job or career, Emaar Business District is the best place to start. The district has become one of the most popular destinations in Dubai and is home to many international companies.

Emaar Business District was created by Emaar Properties as part of their goal to create a central business district within Dubai. It includes several hotels, offices and shopping malls that directly connect with each other via walkways or bridges over roads or canals.

Key features of Emaar Business District

Emaar Business District is located in the heart of Dubai, and it’s a place where you can work, play and live. The district has many different restaurants and cafes to choose from. You can also enjoy shopping at some of the best stores in Dubai!

There are plenty of activities for you to participate in as well! You’ll find sports courts with tennis courts, squash courts, basketball courts and more! There are also fitness centers where you can take advantage of their free classes every day throughout the year. If there aren’t any classes going on at that time then don’t worry because they offer private training sessions so that everyone gets what they need no matter what their skill level may be (and if they don’t have one yet then this is definitely something worth looking into).

Benefits of working at Emaar Business District

The benefits of working at Emaar Business District include:

  • Flexible Hours and Work Schedule. You can choose to work from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. The company offers flexible schedules and allows you to work from home or outside of your home country during weekends or holidays.
  • Flexible Work Location. In addition to having a flexible schedule, EBD employees enjoy being able to choose their own workspace location within their preferred city or area (e.g., Dubai). This means that if you prefer living near a city center but don’t want the hassle of commuting on public transit every day—or if it’s easier for family members who live far away from each other due to geographical constraints—you will still be able access a similar work environment while remaining close enough that they can visit regularly without having too many long commutes between them!

Types of businesses at Emaar Business District

  • Open to the public
  • Open to the public and not restricted to residents of a specific area.

Available office spaces at Emaar Business District

Emaar Business District Gurgaon has offices for rent. If you’re looking to start your own business, or if you already have one and want to expand it, Emaar Business District offers a wide variety of office spaces for rent.

Emaar Business District also caters to startups and established businesses alike with its various types of offices available in different sizes and locations across Dubai.

Amenities and facilities at Emaar Business District

Emaar Business District has everything you need to feel at home. The hotel has 24-hour security, a gym and cafeteria, parking lot and reception area available for guests’ use. The meeting rooms can be booked for up to 100 people while the conference room seats up to 20 people at one time.

The business center has state-of-the art technology such as high speed internet access (WiFi), USB charging stations and printers designed specifically for small businesses like yours. This office space also features digital signage with large monitors so that everyone can see what’s happening around them or watch videos about upcoming events happening here at Emaar Business District!

Transportation options to Emaar Business District

The Emaar Business District is located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, and can be accessed by air, land or sea.

Air travel to the region is easy and convenient. Fly into Dubai International Airport (DXB), and then take a taxi or bus to your hotel in order to get around Abu Dhabi City. If you’re driving through Dubai, there are several routes that will lead you right up to Emaar Business District: Al Nahda Road; Jumeirah Road; Sheikh Zayed Road; and Sheikh Zayed Road Extension (DTP).

If driving isn’t an option for you but still want some extra time outside your house during Ramadan—or if it’s just too hot outside—there are plenty of other options available when considering how best travel around Abu Dhabi City during this sacred month:

  • Take public transportation; buses run throughout all hours except late at night/early morning hours when taxis do not operate properly due to lack of drivers willing pick up fares off-peak times.* Renting cars from rental companies like Sixto Car Rental LLC provides another alternative because they have many stations throughout different parts of town making them easy targets when looking for affordable deals while keeping costs down so they don’t go over budgeted budgets set beforehand with additional payments made upon completion date agreed upon beforehand.* Taking taxis directly instead would save money since drivers charge flat rates per kilometer traveled regardless whether distance traveled exceeds agreed upon target destination point determined beforehand before leaving home base location – this means no surprises later down road!

Job opportunities at Emaar Business District

Emaar Business District Sector 65 Gurgaon is a mixed-use development that will be located in the heart of downtown Gurgaon. The project will feature a series of high-quality office buildings, retail and entertainment facilities as well as hotels. Once completed, it will be one of the largest commercial projects on Earth and create thousands of jobs for people living in Dubai or visiting on business trips.

Company culture at Emaar Business District

At Emaar Business District, we’re all about having fun. We believe that people should be able to enjoy their work and live their lives in a way that suits them best—and this is why our company culture is so unique:

  • Our employees are encouraged to be themselves at Emaar Business District. We don’t care what you look like or how old or young you are! If there’s something on your mind, feel free to ask questions; if there’s something bothering you at work (or even outside of work), talk about it! We’ll take care of each other as family members do through thick-and-thin times together.”

Sustainability initiatives at Emaar Business District

Emaar Business District is a green building. The company has had a commitment to sustainability since its founding, and it continues to grow in that direction.

Emaar Business District’s sustainability initiatives include:

  • Recycling programs at both of their buildings (in addition to a recycling program at the Dubai Mall)
  • Green transportation programs for employees and visitors

Events and community activities at Emaar Business District

Emaar Business District is a community of people who work, live and play together. We are an integrated living and working campus that offers opportunities for you to experience the best in lifestyle.

Emaar Business District hosts many events and activities for our residents as well as visitors from around the world to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for some fresh air during your lunch break or want to meet new friends over dinner after work, Emaar Business District has something for everyone!

Emaar Business District

Security measures at Emaar Business District

The Emaar EBD Gurgaon is a high-end mall that offers a wide range of services and facilities to its customers. The building itself is designed to be secure, with CCTV cameras and security guards stationed throughout the property.

The main purpose of these measures is to ensure the safety of both employees and guests who visit EBD.

Emaar Business District is a high-quality business center that offers the perfect opportunity for you to work in the heart of Dubai. The various styles and sizes of office spaces will suit any type of business, from start-up to established companies. Emaar Business District also has a variety of services including free parking, childcare facilities and world-class gym facilities.

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